£150k plans revealed for L'Ancresse wall in Guernsey

  • Video report by Kate Prout

Up to £150,000 could be spent on L'Ancresse wall in Guernsey after the States have revealed its management plans for the World War Two structure.

The funding will come from existing coastline management budgets as the anti-tank wall has been falling into disrepair.

In 2020, States members agreed to wait until 2030 before realigning the wall, but significant amounts of work still needs to be done in the interim.

Deputy Lindsay De Sausmarez, President of the Environment & Infrastructure Committee, said: "The recommendation in this policy letter is a straightforward, pragmatic proposal that simultaneously respects the spirit and main intention of the Requête, the Government Work Plan as prioritised by this Assembly, and the current constraints on public finances."

The plans for the 272m stretch of L'Ancresse wall include:

  • Rock armour protection placed at panels 8 & 9 (like that already placed at panels 4 & 5) to provide protection to the apron in front of the wall

  • As an additional health and safety measure more permanent fencing will be installed behind the wall

  • The estimated cost of this phase of works is approximately £100,000-£150,000

  • Regular monitoring of the wall will continue, with an update report to be provided to the Committee annually

  • In the event of a breach, the Committee would take immediate action, which may include the placing of rock armour and concrete works, to reduce the risk of unravelling of adjacent panels and limiting the impact of further loss of materials from behind the wall

  • Estimated costs for reactive works involving the placing of rock armour are £50,000-£75,000 per panel intervention

Deputy De Sausmarez added: "It was developed through constructive dialogue with the remaining requérants.

"The Committee can implement this proposed new management approach within its existing budget, meaning the policy letter does not ask the States for any additional resources."