Jersey Zoo closed to public in response to bird flu

The flamingos are being moved as a precautionary measure Credit: Rachel Hughes

Jersey Zoo will be closed today (21 March) so that 81 flamingos can be moved as part of their bird flu response.

81 flamingos will be moved at Jersey Zoo Credit: Rachel Hughes

Staff are following instructions from the States Vet to keep the birds under cover.

The birds will be going to an undercover enclosure Credit: Rachel Hughes

No further cases have been found since a red-breasted goose tested positive at the beginning of the month. It comes after two cases were confirmed on Wednesday 23 February when two dead buzzards were found just north of Victoria Village.

Graeme Dick, Director of Zoo Operations, said: “There have been no further cases of bird flu at the zoo, however, as a precaution, we are moving all 81 of our flamingos to an undercover enclosure that we have on site specifically for housing birds to keep them safe from Avian Influenza. This is quite a complicated process and therefore we have made the decision to close the zoo to the public on Monday.”

The process to move the flamingos is "complicated" Credit: Rachel Hughes