High fuel costs forcing Jersey fishing crews to turn back early

Fishing boats tied up in St Helier.
The Jersey Fishermen's Association says the price of marine fuel has trebled since the start of the year. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The rising cost of marine fuel is forcing many Jersey fishermen to return back to shore early.

Prices have trebled since the start of the year, according to the Jersey Fishermen's Association (JFA).

The organisation now wants the government to provide financial assistance to fishermen struggling to pay for fuel.

JFA President Don Thompson said: "We have seen astronomical increases over the last two weeks. We are looking at treble the price that we were paying at the beginning of the year.

"Fuel and wages are the two really big costs for the fishermen and there is a level where boats just become unviable and we are in that zone already.

The Jersey Fishermen's Association wants the government to provide support for fishermen struggling to pay for fuel. Credit: ITV Channel TV

"We are down to two thirds of what he had for a fleet and to see the boats now tied up when they should be fishing is terrible."

The French government has already agreed to give its fishermen subsidies to help pay for fuel.

This has giving them an advantage over their counterparts in Jersey, who want more to be done to protect the industry.

Don Thompson said: "What really upsets the fishermen is to see that French boats are still licensed by Jersey, still fishing in our waters on our stock and receiving a subsidy so that they can stay viable while our boats are tied up."

Jersey's government has been approached for a response but did not provide a direct answer to our question.