Jersey Rowing names new boat after Gary Burgess

Rowing boat named after Gary Burgess.
The boat will be used for the club's community rowing programme. Credit: Jersey Rowing/Tracy Mourant

Jersey Rowing have named their new quad boat after ITV Channel reporter Gary Burgess.

Gary died on New Year's Day at the age of 46.

The club tweeted: "The new quad boat is for the community rowing programme and it has been named after a Jersey community champion who had a go at our sport."

Gary's death from cancer led to an outpouring of grief across the island and beyond.

Celebrity comedian Jon Culshaw worked with Gary at Radio Wave in Blackpool from 1992.

Paying tribute to him on Countdown earlier this week, he said: "When people talk about Gary Burgess, they talk about the way he made them feel, the way he valued other members of the team, the way he could take the most complex things and make them simple.

"He said something very profound and I think it chimes right now, that he felt his life had been on fast-forward in a sense, that it is only when you have no choice but to take things steadily, and really just experience another pace, that you are much more open to all the wonders and the small joys and values of life that are so important and good for the soul, and he offered up his final bit of advice, which was to take twice and long to do half as much, and enjoy every second."

Gary became one of the most well-known faces in the Channel Islands, working across newspapers, radio and television. Credit: ITV Channel TV