Alderney's Channel Jumper release special jumper for Ukrainian appeal

  • Owner Chris Kronwitter explains the idea around the jumper

A jumper company based in Alderney have created a special jumper to raise money for people of Ukraine.

Channel Jumper have designed a unique blue and yellow sweater which is available for £100.

The full £100 cost of the jumper is being donated to the UK's Ukrainian embassy who are coordinating some of the humanitarian effort in Ukraine.

Chris Kronwitter, the owner of Channel Jumper said "We wanted to donate and to help the people of Ukraine. As a small company we don't have a big budget to donate a lot of money but we know how to knit. We will create this jumper and make an offer to our customer with our work free of charge to donate £100 from each jumper."

Some of the wool used to make one of the special Ukraine jumpers. Credit: ITV Channel TV

So far the company have sold over £2,000 worth of jumpers and has no intention of stopping whilst there is demand for the product.

Mr Kronwitter added "We don't have a target, the sky is the limit, as many as we can. Hopefully we don't run out of wool as we have already reordered more and we can just continue."