Couple's 'engine-uity' leads to model train city in Jersey garden

  • One couple in Jersey have had a very interesting train of thought when it comes to sprucing up their garden and they've gone full steam ahead to create something chuffing marvellous. Alex Spiceley's been to meet them.

A couple in Jersey are on-track to have one of the quirkiest gardens in Jersey. Nikki and Curtis Stanier's engine-uity has seen them build a model train city at their home in St Mary, which would get train enthusiasts rail-ly excited. The pair moved to the island after spending a number of years living in Germany.

Credit: @hsbagardenrailway

Curtis' love for trains started when he was five-years-old when he was given a Hornby 00-gauge train-set.

At the age of 10 he received a model railway starter set, and his hobby grew from there.

He says: "Through my teens and twenties, as life gets in the way, everything went dormant but was rekindled in 2018 as I approached my thirties and embraced by a wonderful fiancé who encouraged me to spend time doing what I enjoy."

The couple are now sharing their childhood passion with thousands on social media under the name @hsbagardenrailway.

The account is named with a nod to the HSB Railway that runs through the Harz region in Germany and the letters have a particular family connection to the couple.

Curtis says: "It was simply luck they worked in conjunction with the HSB acronym. The intention, when the track is laid permanently is to have four stations on the layout named after each family-name in a Germanic style."