People in Guernsey asked to share experiences of inappropriate behaviour in survey

People in nightclub
The force particularly wants to hear about incidents that have happened on nights out. Credit: PA Images

People in Guernsey are being asked to anonymously share their experiences of inappropriate behaviour, sexual assault, violence, and intimidation as part of a police survey.

The force particularly wants to hear about incidents that have happened on nights out.

The survey is part of the #ShowSomeRespect campaign which aims to tackle violence and intimidation against women and girls.

Guernsey Police says it hopes the data from the survey will help shape its response to the issues.

While sexual offences as a whole can occur in many ways or settings, the focus of this survey is to look at issues which specifically occur in public ‘on a night out’.

Deputy Chief Officer Ian Scholes says: "We are constantly looking at what we can do better as an organisation, particularly in this area.

"We are also aware that many people’s experiences do not end up being reported to the police for a number of reasons, and as a result much of the evidence regarding how often these sorts of offences occur in the Bailiwick is anecdotal. This survey will hopefully give us something more concrete to work with.”

Guernsey Police says it is continuing to try and break down barriers which prevent people from reporting their experiences.

If you or someone you know has been affected by sexual abuse or domestic violence, you can access support through the following services.


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