Guernsey politicians vote against 'open door' refugee policy

Guernsey's politicians have voted against an open door policy to allow unrestricted refugees into the island. The States have yet to decide whether to adopt the 'Homes for Ukraine' scheme but today (30 March) voted against an amendment which would have allowed all refugees, regardless of the conflict they are fleeing, into the Bailiwick. It was a close call with only six votes in the decision.

Currently the island's immigration policy follows the UK, so it was decided there was no need to go against the UK Home Office at this time.

In Jersey only refugees with families in the island will be allowed in.

Politicians in Guernsey are still exploring the possibilities of offering homes for Ukrainians, with more than 200 offers of sanctuary from islanders.

  • Serena Sandhu has been speaking a Ukrainian mother who has applied for a Guernsey visa and a family that has arrived in the island after fleeing the conflict.