Employees in Jersey get menopause training for the first time

  • In the third and final part of our menopause series Jessica Tidswell looks at what is happening in the workplace to support women through the menopause.

Employees across Jersey are getting menopause awareness training for the first time.

Nearly 50% of women say they have had to take time off work because of their menopause symptoms.

Trudi Roscouet is a champion of the cause and is educating employers and employees on how to spot sign and symptoms.

Credit: ITV Channel TV

She says women often notice changes, but do not realise they are signs of the perimenopause.

"It was about getting the message out so that more women are aware of their own symptoms, once they become aware they can communicate with others or people at work and they can understand and have some support."

Meanwhile 52% of respondents to a Brand Champions survey said women’s health issues had increased their stress levels at work and they did not feel supported in the workplace.

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Managing Director, Michael Newton says he wants women to feel comfortable talking about the menopause at work.

"We need to be more open minded about being able to talk about these things, really open up about it, and make sure it's really part and parcel of conversation, rather than something that is ignored and not dealt with."

Chief Executive, Phil McIlwraith, says it is fundamental to reduce the stigma attached to it.

"Our female colleagues are key contributors and drivers of growth in our organisation and as such they deserve to feel supported during this phase of their life."

Businesses and charities in Jersey are also pledging to create menopause friendly workplaces.

Credit: ITV Channel TV

The founder of 51 Employers, Julia Warrender says its purpose is to help guide employers on how to create menopause friendly workplaces.

"51 Employers is to do with starting the conversation and providing employers, who really want to do this, with a road map of some relatively easy policies and ideas to implement in the workplace."