Girls from Jersey's Beaulieu School encouraged to break stereotypes in cyber security workshops

  • Year 9 students Merri and Keira talk about the career opportunities in cyber

Year 9 girls from Beaulieu School have joined hundreds of students across Jersey to learn about cyber security.

In a series of workshops the pupils were challenged to crack codes and access secret accounts.

As well as developing transferrable skills and understanding how to protect themselves online, organisers hope the sessions will encourage more girls to consider a career in IT - an area which is still dominated by men.

Stephen McAllister, Head of IT at Beaulieu School, explained: "It shows that girls are as capable as anyone and in some cases even more capable with their thinking skills to be able to adopt this kind of career."

The sessions are run by UK charity Smallpeice Trust in partnership with Skills Jersey and were brought back after a two-year break due to Covid.

Dave Roworth, Senior Adviser at Skills Jersey, said: "The kinds of cyber skills that students will be demonstrating this week are increasingly sought-after by employers worldwide, so I am really pleased that they will be getting a taste of an area that is not always understood or noticed, but which underpins almost every business activity online."