Hundreds of plastic bottles purposely left on Alderney beach

  • Tomos Roberts explains why he is in Alderney

Hundreds of plastic bottles have been purposely left along Braye beach in Alderney but the reason behind the decision has a creative twist.

Well-known YouTuber Tomos Roberts, otherwise known as Tomfoolery, is visiting the island to create a film around the problem of plastic pollution.

The short film is a poem about a futuristic world in which a grandfather is having to explain to his grandson what plastic waste was - since in this fictional setting it does not exist.

Last month the Channel Islands saw thousands of items washed up along their shores when a passing ship spilt some of its cargo overboard.

After it was washed up and found by islanders, Tomos and The Alderney Wildlife Trust filled up Braye Beach with hundreds of bottles to highlight how big the issue can be.

Tomos said: "The biggest problem I have with Alderney are your beaches are too beautiful, they're too clean!

"So as is the way with filmmaking we've had to artificially dirty it up for the purposes of the film but I have two objectives, we're going to leave it cleaner than we found it, everyone's going to have a good time and we're going to make a beautiful video."

The plastic bottles were removed from Braye beach after filming had ended.