Former Roman fort to house Alderney ambulance workers

The heritage site will be used as temporary accommodation for ambulance workers who are supporting the island's service. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Alderney's former Roman fort has been turned into temporary accommodation for paramedics serving the island.

The fort - known as the Nunnery - is providing a place for visiting ambulance workers from elsewhere to stay when the island needs cover.

The States says the move is freeing up rooms in hotels which are preparing for a busy summer.

The nunnery is being used to accommodate key workers in the island. Credit: ITV Channel TV

In a statement, the States of Alderney said: "This arrangement gives the General Services Committee time to devise a sustainable ambulance service for the future that co-ordinates with other health and care provision on the Island."

It added other commercial accommodation that could have been used will be for visitors coming to the island in "what will hopefully be a successful 2022 season".