Jersey war pilot turns 100

  • Video report by ITV Channel's Emma Volney

One of the last surviving Typhoon fighter pilots of World War Two is celebrating his 100th birthday.

Bernard Gardiner's aviation career started when joined the RAF at 18-years-old. He ended up becoming a fighter pilot and served right up until the end of the Second World War.

Bernard Gardiner joined the RAF in 1940. Credit: ITV Channel TV

He later became a commercial airline pilot in Jersey and even met Queen Elizabeth II when she visited Gatwick Airport in 1958.

Bernard meeting Queen Elizabeth II in 1958. Credit: ITV Channel TV

He told ITV Channel TV: "I just love being in the air and the challenge of taking off and landing and the freedom that comes with flying.

"I did 18,600 hours of flying eventually, which I believe works out as two years solidly in the air."

Bernard was a pilot for Jersey Airlines. Credit: ITV Channel TV

His last flight was in 2020 when he took to the skies in a spitfire - exactly 80 years on from when he signed up to serve in World War Two.

He says the secret to his longevity is "living well and behaving".

His passion for flying runs in the family, with his son and grandson both going on to work in the aviation industry.