Poppadom politics as former Prime Minister visits St Aubin curry house

  • Video report by ITV Channel's Caroline Lewis

It's not often an diners find themselves sat next to an ex British Prime Minister but that is exactly what happened when Sir John Major visited a curry house in St Aubin earlier this week.

Mr Major and his wife Norma visited Noya Shapla to sample the Indian cuisine.

But what does a former Prime Minister order at an Indian?

Main Course - Prawn Balti and Lamb Bhuna with rice

Desert - Mango sorbet

The managers say it was a proud moment for the restaurant even though many did not immediately recognise him.

Owner Johirul Miah said "I was so shocked and you know I was surprised as well but it is a moment I would cherish and be proud of."

He added "I had to double check to make sure that it was him and it was a surprise visit as the booking wasn't under his name. When you see the face you tend to remember him growing up as the Prime Minister."