Memory mural created at Guernsey's Alzheimer's Centre

  • Report by ITV Channel's Kate Prout

Guernsey's Alzheimer's Centre has a new wall mural thanks to the work of some of those who visit the site and a local artist.

People with Alzheimer's and dementia were asked to draw things that reminded them of happy times before the work was turned into a giant art display.

Julie Thompson from Guernsey Alzheimer's Society explained: "We were doing the project and it was magical to see them and watching them remember and thinking about things that happened a long time ago.

"Memories were sparked because of this process."

The mural also contains many outdoor references and images.

Artist Eleanor Atkinson said: "There are lots of fond memories whether it was growing or just going to the park and sitting having a picnic.

"Especially in Guernsey where there are so many beautiful places so we can take that opportunity to enjoy nature."

It is hoped the artwork will bring smiles to those who attend the centre as well as their carers and families.