ArtHouse Jersey opens permanent exhibition space in St Helier

Credit: ArtHouse Jersey

ArtHouse Jersey has opened its first permanent exhibition site in St Helier.

The arts charity hosts frequent exhibitions across the island and has welcomed artist Jason Butler as the first exhibition in their new home at 8 Church Street.

Islanders have the opportunity to experience Jason Butler's exhibition 'one-on-one' at Capital House, allowing them to take in the art as a single-person without any noise or distractions - a main part of the project.

Slots can be booked in 20 minute intervals for islanders to have time in "complete solitude" with a single canvas.

The wider exhibition will show a selection of the painter's collection and is open for people to drop in throughout the day.

'ArtHouse Jersey at Capital House' will now be used as the charity's central location to showcase artistic work in the island.

Artist, Jason Butler Credit: Danny Richardson

Tom Dingle, Director of ArtHouse Jersey, said: “Capital House is an exciting development at a pivotal moment for our organisation. Having spent so long tracking down possible exhibition spaces over the years, to have a centrally located venue in such an iconic location will be a real game changer.

"It’s also wonderful to be able to open with Jason Butler’s latest work. My hope with this exhibition is that by booking time alone with a piece of art visitors will not only gain a better understanding of Jason’s paintings, but also have the opportunity to be still and present in the company of work which deserves patient observation and contemplation."

Deputy Kirsten Morel, the Minister responsible for Arts & Culture, said: "This is an important development. I am a firm believer that the arts can help ensure Jersey's continued prosperity, while enhancing social cohesion and sustainable wellbeing for all Islanders while reinforcing Jersey’s image and influence in Europe and the wider world.

"It is particularly pleasing that Capital House is launching hot on the heels of the new arts strategy. The strategy is an important document and tool that will, I hope, help the Island to fully recognise the value of the arts and ensure that arts and culture will be incorporated into strategic planning across government in a way that hasn’t been possible before."The exhibition is open until 2 May 2022.