Why can't people dance in Jersey on Good Friday?

Credit: ITV

A dance event will no longer be going ahead on Good Friday in Jersey after organisers were made aware of a law which prevents dancing on the religious day.

Vanguard DnB were set to host the DJ Gray on 15 April, but have now had to move the event to avoid breaking the law.

The Licensing (Jersey) Law 1974, Article 72 states that designated nightclubs must not allow people to dance or provide music on Good Friday.

Under the legislation, a “designated nightclub” refers to a place of entertainment which is mainly used for the purpose of providing music and dancing for members of the public.This little-known law has provided issues for island businesses as they look forward to the bank holiday weekend.

Gray was set to visit the island over the Bank Holiday weekend to play the event, which had already been rescheduled due to the pandemic.

The event has since been rescheduled and will take place on Sunday 17 April.

Despite this law being in place for many decades, many islanders are not aware of it.

The law is only in force in Jersey, but a similar rule is also in place in Germany.

This law is not the only quirky restriction in Jersey.

The Queen was gifted two dead mallards during her visit to Jersey in 2001. Credit: ITV Channel

The Seigneur of Trinity must present the reigning monarch with a pair of dead ducks on their visit to the island.