Why there are two giant puffin sculptures at Plemont in Jersey

  • Video report by ITV Channel's Otis Holmes

Two giant puffin sculptures have been unveiled at Plemont in Jersey.

They are designed to highlight the problems puffins face in the island.

The sculptures are facing each other and have been made from forged steel and willow.

They were first unveiled on Sunday (9 April), after being commissioned by campaign group Birds on the Edge and the National Trust for Jersey.

The giant puffin sculptures are on display at Plemont in Jersey. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Cristina Sellares, from the National Trust for Jersey, said: "We hope they will keep the community engaged in the conservation of the real ones, which do need a lot of help to remain in Jersey."

There are only four breeding pairs of puffins left on the island, compared to more than 200 a century ago.

Numbers have been affected by predicators eating puffin eggs and chicks, as well as islanders disturbing the birds during the nesting season.

There are only four breeding pairs left in Jersey. Credit: ITV Channel TV