More than £250,000 lost to fraudsters in Jersey since new year

Credit: PA Images

People in Jersey have been scammed out of more than a quarter of a million pounds in the first three months of 2022 - almost the same amount as what was lost in the whole of 2021.

A total of £266,659 has been lost to fraud , with States of Jersey Police recording a rise in the number of scams reported since the beginning of the year.

19 incidents have been recorded, with the vast majority of funds lost to investment, Cryptocurrency and advance fee scams.

The island's Fraud Prevention Forum will deliver a newsletter to homes across the island warning them of the latest scams which have been used to target residents.

The Forum's Chairman, DCI Chris Beechey, says: "Fraudsters are constantly evolving the way they target victims, which is why we want to encourage Islanders to remain cautious and to seek as much advice and guidance as possible as to how they can protect themselves against scammers.

"As the year continues, we hope Islanders will remain alert and think twice when they get a suspicious message, email or phone call. We encourage Islanders to challenge any communications they suspect may not be legitimate and to report them.”

Islanders are asked to report any suspicious activity to the Forum.

Anyone who thinks they may have has lost out financially should contact their bank and alert police on 01534 612612.