Jersey's bird flu restrictions will end on 9 May

Credit ITV Channel TV
This will not happen if the situation deteriorates, the island's Chief Veterinary Officer confirmed. Credit: ITV Channel TV.

Bird flu restrictions in Jersey will end on Liberation Day (9 May) as will biosecurity measures.

However this date will be pushed back if the situation deteriorates, the island's Chief Vet Officer has confirmed.

Currently, restrictions are in place including the requirement for birdkeepers to house their flocks or keep them separate from wild birds in another way.

However, some restrictions are being removed immediately.

There was a 3km 'Protection Zone' around the previously announced positive case but this has been lifted.

The 'Surveillance Zone' for the rest of the island has also been lifted which means people do not need a license to move birds or any mammals kept with birds.

Chief Veterinary Officer, Alistair Breed, said: “The situation is being monitored and disease  surveillance and testing is ongoing.

"I greatly appreciate the continuing efforts of bird keepers to help stop the spread of avian influenza and am grateful for the public’s reports of dead wild birds.

"While we must not be complacent, I am pleased to be able to lift some restrictions and hope to be able to remove the housing or separation requirement on 9 May, all being well.” There have been no more bird flu cases in Jersey since early March.