Jersey woman struggles with mute singing dog on Britain's Got Talent

  • Jasper the singing dog fails to find his voice on national TV

A woman who grew up in Jersey has appeared on the national ITV talent show Britain's Got Talent - but things did not go as planned.

Dr Louise Geller had hoped to duet with her dog Jasper, but it turned into a solo performance as her four-legged friend failed to find his voice.

The mute mutt can be seen pulling his owner towards stage exit as she tried to carry on singing.

It left the audience and judges howling with laughter, as Simon Cowell remarked "the dog's not doing anything" and singer Alesha Dixon called on Jasper to "give us a tune, just one woof!".

The pair did not make it through to the next round with some viewers suggesting that Louise would have a better chance going solo.

While some may have pressed 'paws' on Jasper's singing career, Louise is determined to show that he can hit the high notes.

  • Jasper singing on YouTube - video courtesy of Dr Louise Geller

There is hope then that despite having a ruff day, Louise and Jasper can showcase their singing in the future.