GSPCA release first ever puffin to Herm's Puffin Bay

  • Report by ITV Channel's Roisin Gauson

The GSPCA have released their first ever puffin back into the wild.

Pedro the puffin was rescued in February from Lihou after being found covered in oil.

He was taken to the GSPCA to undergo treatment alongside two oiled Guillemots.

All three birds were taken to Puffin Bay in Herm today (29 April), to be released.

Steve Byrne, GSPCA Manager said, “It is rare for us to rescue puffins as they spend most of their life out at sea, and it is extremely rare for them to survive in captivity long enough to rehabilitate them so today is a very big day as it’s the first ever Puffin release from the GSPCA.

“Pedro has done really well with his rehab thanks to the GSPCA team although there were moments we were very worried.”

Pedro spent his time at the GSPCA in the rehabilitation centre with a pair of guillemots Credit: GSPCA

Steve said that whilst conditions were not completely still, it was still lovely weather to release the birds.

“What a lovely sunny day it was to release Pedro and, Tara and Valentine the guillemots.

“The sea was a little lumpy and when we pulled into Puffin Bay our Supervisor Yvonne Chauvel was on Herm to watch to release.

“It went so well, we opened the door and lowered the carrier to the sea surface and the guillemots jumped into the water first.”

Pedro was a bit hesitant to leave the comfort of his cage before re-entering the wild. Credit: ITV Channel

Yvonne Branquet GSPCA team member and carer of Pedro said “It has been a long journey getting Pedro, Tara and Valentine from being covered in oil to how fit the are now.”

“It has been wonderful to see them improve each day and to get them ready for the wild.”

“Thanks to Chris Mourant all three birds have been fitted with identification rings and we hope they have a long life back in the wild.”