Jersey's Carbon Neutral Roadmap given green light by politicians

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Members of Jersey's States Assembly have backed a plan to move the island towards becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

The Carbon Neutral Roadmap sets out how the island will aim to reduce carbon emissions over the next four years.

It includes plans ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, incentivise electric vehicles and phase out oil and gas heating.

Ahead of debate on the policy, the island's Assistant Environment Minister, Deputy Jess Perchard warned that time was running out to change course.

She said, "We are approaching the tipping point. The window to prevent the collapse of our habitable environment is still open - but it is about to shut."

The plan received overwhelming support in the States, with 35 members voting in favour and twelve absentees.

Senator Sarah Ferguson was the only person to vote against the plans, having failed in her bid to put the plans on hold until a resolution to the conflict in Ukraine.

The States also requested that the island's next Chief Minister consider creating a ministerial post with a specific portfolio of climate change.

The vote in the States also means that an independent scientific watchdog will be appointed to make sure that the island is on course to meet its net neutrality targets.