Positive Covid cases can claim incapacity benefit in Jersey

Credit: ITV Channel TV

People in Jersey who test positive for coronavirus can now claim a short term incapacity benefit.

It replaces the isolation benefit which was introduced early in the coronavirus pandemic, for those who were legally required to self-isolate. Since it was rolled out, 11,000 people received the support.

The change follows the scrapping of mandatory isolation for positive cases of Covid-19 - though self-isolation does remain strongly advised by public health if a positive test result is returned.

The new benefit will be effective from 29 April and islanders will be able to claim for the payment via an online form.

Those who began isolating before 29 April can still claim for isolation benefit up to 30 days after their isolation period ends.

Minister for Social Security, Deputy Judy Martin, said: “Isolation benefit was set up in 2020 in the early stages of the pandemic to support our public health response and I’m pleased that we have been able to support so many Islanders during the last two years.

"While the pandemic isn’t over, we are learning to live with the virus, and with the legal requirement to isolate being removed, the isolation benefit scheme comes to an end. However, although Isolation is no longer legally required, it remains strongly recommended in public health guidance".