Earl and Countess of Wessex visit Alderney and Sark on final day of Royal tour

  • Video report by Otis Holmes

The Earl and Countess of Wessex have continued their tour of the Channel Islands today (10 May) with visits to Alderney and Sark.

They are visiting the islands as part of Liberation Day for Sark and as part of The Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

They arrived at Braye Bay in Alderney this morning by helicopter and travelled to meet islanders in St Anne before visiting the Alderney Wildlife Trust with Alderney President, William Tate.

Credit: Alderney Alive
Credit: Alderney Alive

The Earl and Countess of Wessex were shown the Trust's GannetCam and PuffinCam, which are used to remotely monitor marine bird colonies and are viewed by thousands of people around the world.

A reception was held in the Island Hall where the royals met with Alderney's politicians, civil servants and, members of the Alderney Covid Operational Group and other frontline workers.

Credit: Alderney Alive

The reception was also a special moment for Alderney’s first female firefighter Letitia Flatres, who joined the Fire Service in 2001 and worked her way to the position of Crew Manager.

His Royal Highness, Prince Edward presented her with the Fire Brigade Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.

Alderney’s first female firefighter, Letitia Flatres Credit: Alderney Alive

Their Royal Highnesses then visited the The Nunnery where The Earl of Wessex formally broke ground for the upcoming Platinum Jubilee Archeological Dig.

Credit: Alderney Alive

The Royals' visit to Alderney ended with them travelling on the Channel Islands’ only train service at the restored Platinum Jubilee Station Platform at the Arsenal.

Credit: Alderney Alive

Alderney President, William Tate said, "Given the immense challenges we have faced in the last two years, this was a fantastic opportunity for our community to come together and play our part in the celebration of the historic Platinum Jubilee Year.

“This Royal Visit gave us an excellent opportunity to showcase a snapshot of the things that make our island home so very special. I hope we created a lasting impression on our very welcome Visitors."

After leaving Alderney, the Earl and Countess of Wessex travelled to Sark where they arrived by helicopter at the Millennium Field.

Sark celebrates Liberation Day on 10 May each year, as it was liberated the day after Jersey and Guernsey.

The Royals were met by the Seigneur of Sark, Major Christopher Beaumont, and other island officials.

The Countess was presented with a posy of flowers by the Miss Sark Princess, Robin Scott.

Pupils at the Sark School then met with the Royals before they planted a commemorative tree for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

Credit: ITV Channel

Member of Sark's Emergency Services were also presented Platinum Jubilee Medals by the Earl and Countess.

Credit: ITV Channel

Before leaving the Channel Islanders, the Royals met with residents who were in Sark during the Occupation at the Island Hall.

Credit: ITV Channel