One in four Jersey children living in relative poverty

  • Video report by Louisa Britton

One in four children in Jersey are living in relative poverty, according to the latest statistics.

Figures from a recent Living Costs and Household Income Survey show that a quarter of children are living in a household earning less than 60% of the average wage. The number of pensioners on the breadline is even higher at around a third (34%).

There are concerns that the spiralling cost of living will be hitting them the hardest.

A recent survey reflects the situation up to 2020 - meaning it will not have taken into account the recent price hikes that Jersey has had to contend with.

It means the situation has likely deteriorated further and people who work at the island's foodbanks say the worst of the cost of living crisis will hit come the autumn. The impact of the rising costs of living has impacted families across the island.