Jersey Police respond to rising number of mental health cases

Credit: ITV Channel TV.

The number of mental health-related incidents attended by Jersey police has increased substantially. Officers dealt with more than 1,000 in the last twelve months, a rise of 17% and an average of three call-outs every day.

Meanwhile in Guernsey, the number of people who say they are living with 'mental health issues' has doubled.

The Jersey statistics have been released in the States of Jersey Police Annual Report 2021.

Robin Smith, Chief Officer, States of Jersey Police, said: “We know a joined-up approach is key when responding to those with mental health needs and requires a range of partners to work seamlessly together to provide assessment, wrap around support and care.

"2021 has seen us work even closer with colleagues in other support services and we’ll build on this approach throughout 2022.”

Other figures show the number of crimes committed by youths in Jersey rose by 36% in 2021.

The report said: "A focus on this will be part of joint multi–agency activity for 2022, seeking to divert young people from crime, alongside a focus on reducing juvenile missing person reports.

"Police are dedicated to supporting and safeguarding these young people, particularly those being reported missing from Government care settings."

Meanwhile, incidents of antisocial behaviour dropped 33% in 2021 compared to 2020.

The report also says the police had an annual budget of £25.8million but underspent by £0.1million.