Guernsey Raiders beat Jersey to win this year's Siam Cup

  • Report by ITV Channel's Keilan Webster

Guernsey Raiders have beaten Jersey Reds Athletic to win this year's Siam Cup.

The Guernsey side stayed strong throughout the game, ending the 80-minute-match at 62 - 26 against the Reds.

Half time saw Jersey close on the heels of their rivals at 19 - 26, but the Raiders pushed on and lifted the cup after last year's defeat.

However, Jersey saw success in both the women's and veteran's games at Stade Santander International this afternoon (14 May).

Jersey Reds Women made history with their first ever Ladies Siam win this year, making it an end to Guernsey Ladies' near decade-long stint.

Jersey ended the game 40 - 0 over their neighbours.

But a Siam win was not the only thing Jersey's ladies team were celebrating.

Jersey Reds Women's Coach James Morgan got down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend Sharon, as the team celebrated the news behind them.

  • Credit: 3Ci Sport

Jersey also reclaimed The Nash Cup after a loss in November, with an 81 - 5 win over the Guernsey Vets side.

The team saw the former England International and Jerseyman Matt Banahan return to the pitch.

The wins come after a disappointing result from Jersey Reds last night (13 May) when they failed to gain a place in the Championship Cup final, losing 17 - 20 to visiting side Coventry.

The loss puts the Reds in fourth place at the end of the Cup.

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