Jersey residents urged to ditch cars and walk, cycle, run or take the bus

  • Video report by Alex Spiceley

Jersey residents are being urged to ditch their cars and walk, cycle, run or take the bus instead.

It comes during Alternative Transport Week which runs between 16 and 20 May.

The creator of Alternative Transport Week, Kate Huntington, hopes the week will "get people thinking about their choices when it comes to how they get about the island".

She added: "I switched my car for a cargo bike three years ago and use it for all the daily tasks I would have previously used my car for, and I love it."

JT is sponsoring four EVie cargo bikes throughout the week which people can choose to try for free.

The telecoms company is also urging people to share their routes tracked through their phone GPS or other wearable technology. This will be used to show the best island routes. Gill Knights, JT Group General Counsel and Head of Sustainability at JT, said: "The future of transport must be sustainable, and here in Jersey there are plenty of opportunities to use alternative modes that don't involve jumping in our cars."

She added: "By sponsoring the EVie cargo bikes during this week we hope islanders will see just how much they can achieve and carry without their car.

"There are sustainable solutions to climate warming caused by fossil fuel emissions, and together we can make a difference, no matter how small, starting with being mindful about how we travel and walking, running, cycling or getting the bus, wherever possible."

Elsewhere in the island, Les Landes has launched an official cycle to school initiative - the first in Jersey.

There is a club for children and families to cycle to and from school safely as a group.

Credit: Government of Jersey.

Headteacher of Les Landes, Vicki Charlesworth, said: "We are pleased to have launched this great cycling initiative and get more children finding a love of cycling.

"We have already had a great sign up so far and we are hopeful that this will keep increasing.

"The route we have chosen goes through the lanes of St Ouen and is incredibly safe.

"We are intending to repeat this route at the end of the day and consider alternative starting points as more children and families sign up."