Jersey's new £804m hospital given the go ahead

Credit: ITV Channel TV.

Jersey's new £804m hospital has been given 'conditional approval' by the Environment Minister.

It's after the independent planning inspector said the positives outweigh the harms.

Philip Staddon twice previously rejected applications for the hospital to be built on the current Gloucester Street site.

Minister for the Environment, Deputy John Young, said: “The inspector’s report is comprehensive and provides a clear recommendation. I am very grateful to the planning inspector for delivering a high-quality report.”

The report notes that the building will change the townscape and skyline whilst impacting the landscape and seascape character areas.

There will also be the loss of agricultural land, homes and other buildings which it says are in "good condition".

However, the planning inspector's overall summary is that "the positives, in terms of policy compliance and major public benefits, outweigh the harms and policy tensions".

He added "the proposal would deliver the much needed new hospital".

And, subject to planning conditions, "the proposal would deliver an undisputedly high quality healthcare campus, with contemporary buildings in an attractive landscaped setting, which would enable patients, visitors and staff to enjoy a very high quality environment".

Following on from the decision, Senator Lyndon Farnham, as Chair of the Our Hospital Political Oversight Group, said: "I warmly welcome the decision and would like to extend my thanks to all who have been involved in bringing the project successfully to this point.

"Jersey’s new hospital is an essential investment in our medical infrastructure and will provide the very best modern, fully flexible healthcare facilities located at Overdale, which has served Islanders for generations as a hospital campus.

"This decision now clears the path for the next phase of the project, which is to build the hospital and deliver it on time and in budget to be fully operational by December 2026."

Deputy Richard Renouf added: I very much welcome the Minister for the Environment’s decision to grant planning permission for the new hospital. This is a tremendously important step in delivering a modern, new hospital, which Islanders and health care professionals richly deserve.

“I wish to thank all those involved for their hard work and dedication.”

Earlier we spoke to Deputy John Young following the decision.