Calls for more certainty on key worker homes in Guernsey

  • Video report by ITV Channel's Roisin Gauson

There are new calls for the issue of key worker homes in Guernsey to be debated.

Deputy Steve Falla has signed a requete along with other politicians asking for the States to agree that the focus should be on brownfield sites.

The requete is asking States members to agree to the urgent need for more keyworker housing in Guernsey and that this should be spread across the island and suit the full range of key staff at Princess Elizabeth Hospital.

Le Vauquiedor, which is near the hospital, had been suggested by the States as a potential location to build 150 one-bed apartments.

But Deputy Falla has said that it is not right for this to be pushed through without a vote in the States Assembly.

The seven signatories on the requete explain the "chronic and growing need" for key worker housing in Guernsey, but believe that preference should be given to building on brownfield sites.

It also explains that they believe that the Duchess of Kent building would be a better site for key health worker accommodation.

Deputy Falla said: "Deputy Dave Mahoney, the property lead on the Policy & Resources Committee, has stated that he is looking at building 150 one-bedroom apartments on the field next to Duchess of Kent House. This is an agricultural priority area and a green lung within the built-up Princess Elizabeth Hospital estate.

"In my view it is not right that two committees, which are not unanimous, may be able to build on the green field at the PEH without coming to the States so that the whole Assembly can give some direction on this departure from existing and well-established policies.

"The process has been less than ideal with no proper options appraisal."

The other signatories on the requete are Deputies Tina Bury, Peter Roffey, Lindsay de Sausmarez, Adrian Gabriel, Heidi Soulsby and Simon Fairclough.