Hospitality businesses set for 'speed dates' with Jersey election candidates

Some island businesses have been asked to repay tens of thousands of pounds. Credit: ITV Channel

Hospitality staff in Jersey will attend a 'speed dating' event with candidates standing in the upcoming election.

Members of the Jersey Hospitality Association are questioning election candidates one- on-one, to understand how their manifestos will help the industry.

The event will take place at St Helier Town Hall today (20 May) between 10:00 and 12:00.

Staff from the industry will have the chance to spend up to five minutes with each candidate before moving onto the next.

It is hoped that the event will focus the candidates' attention on the issues facing the hospitality industry and the many islanders and businesses it supports.

The Jersey Hospitality Association has recently released its own manifesto and is calling on the next government to work with the industry and help repair the damage caused by the pandemic and Brexit.

The Association has made four recommendations to the incoming government.

Those recommendations are:

  • Bring in two year temporary work permits for hospitality workers

  • Introduce an accommodation strategy for temporary hospitality workers

  • Support future initiatives to boost skills, local talent and grow visitor numbers.

  • Elect a dedicated political champion for hospitality and tourism.

Claire Boscq, Chief Executive for the Jersey Hospitality Association said, "This will be a fun way to bring people together but there is a serious side to this event.

"Jersey is only just emerging from two years of disruption and uncertainty and there are still many issues where we will need to work closely with the Government.

"The tourism and hospitality industry would not have survived without the support it was given but if we are to move forward, we must have a strong working relationship with the next set of politicians who will be sitting in the States Assembly.

"I hope the conversations that the participants have will cement strong working partnerships in the future."