Jersey welcomes back Race for Life after two years

Jenny Miley (left) and Rose Shepherd. Credit: John Ovenden.

Jersey is welcoming back the Race for Life to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

It had not been able to run in the last two years because of Covid but will return this weekend (Sunday 22 May) at Les Jardins de la Mer.

Women, men and children can take part in 3k, 5k and 10k events to help raise money for the charity which helps scientists to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer to save more lives.

One woman taking part is Jersey mum Rose Shepherd whose secondary cancer is incurable.

She will be joined by her friend and cancer survivor Jenny Miley who is just finishing treatment for primary breast cancer.

Rose said: "I want people to understand we need Cancer Research UK - without them, I wouldn't be here today - it's as simple as that."

They will form part of a group of 15 called Jenroses Rainbow Warriors who will do the 3k version of the event.

Rose was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002.

She said: "There are good days and bad days.

"I allow myself the odd meltdown.

"You can stay in your PJs and have a 'woe is me' day. It takes an awful lot of willpower to move on because it's easier to lie in bed with the covers over your head.

"So I allow myself that now and again but I don't allow myself to live there."

She added: "I find walking barefoot on the beach is so grounding, both physically and mentally.

"I love the fresh air and there are plenty of beaches to choose from here.

"I used to have a hugely active lifestyle so that is one of the things I have found hard to accept. But on days when my mobility isn't so good, I've found a real love of reading and I'm doing some drawing now."

Anita Brown, Race for Life spokesperson for Jersey, said: "Everyone can play their part to help beat cancer.  

"Sadly, cancer affects all of us in some way. Whether people are living with cancer, taking part in honour of or in memory of a loved one with cancer, or signing up to protect their own children's future, everyone has a reason to Race for Life. So, we're asking people across Jersey: "Who will you Race for?"  

"Our Race for Life events are open to all. For some people, the Race for Life is literally a walk in the park. Slow and steady still wins. For others, it's a jog. Others may opt to push themselves harder, taking up the challenge of the 10K distance and even pushing for a new personal best time.   

"But what is for certain is we're looking forward to welcoming people of all ages and abilities. Race for Life Jersey will be fun, emotional, colourful, uplifting and an unforgettable event this year."