Wind turbines could help reduce Alderney's carbon footprint

Stock image of wind turbines. Credit: PA.

Wind power could be the answer to helping reduce Alderney's carbon footprint.

The Energy Working Group says land-based wind turbines could be the best short-term solution to reducing the island's dependence on fossil fuels.

It could also reduce the cost of electricity bills.

The working group was set up by the Policy and Finance Committee (P&F). Its aim is to achieve the renewable energy goals set out in the Island Plan.

The findings of their report were presented to the States of Alderney earlier this week.

P&F Chairman Bill Abel said wind power would provide "significant benefits" like reducing household bills and the island's carbon footprint.

He added that the wind turbines would be medium sized.

However, they would need to be away from housing and the visual and environmental impact would be explored with the community consulted.

Solar power will also be considered.