Keyworker housing and disrupted bus services discussed in Guernsey States

Guernsey States.
Credit: ITV Channel TV.

The politician in charge of Guernsey's healthcare has called on his fellow state members to 'clone' a block of flats that is used for keyworker housing to help tackle the shortage of homes for medical staff.

President of Health and Social Care, Deputy Al Brouard, to the States today (Wednesday 25 May): "While there is no single or simple solution the identification of suitable properties or land to develop for staff accommodation - we must tackle this issue head on and at pace."

John Henry Court houses hospital staff and he said if a second similar building was made available it would also provide on-site accommodation for existing staff, freeing up a number of private rental properties back on to the local market.

It is a thread that dominated discussions in the house. 

While key workers are vital to the running of the island, housing in general was billed by Deputy Peter Roffey, President of Employment and Social Services, as undoubtedly the biggest issue facing the island at present.

The crisis has been given a small lifeline. Plans have been submitted for 91 houses at the Fontaine Vinery. 

Elsewhere, members were assured that there will be compensation given to the States in respect of the recent disruption to bus services, full details on exactly how much should be made available in the coming weeks. 

There was also an update given on staffing, which is improving, but they are still short so, reduced services will continue for the time being.