French couple rescued from cave at Plemont

A French couple was rescued by Jersey Fire and Rescue earlier today. Credit: Jersey Fire & Rescue Service

A French couple had to be rescued in Jersey after becoming trapped in a cave at Plemont.

Jersey Fire and Rescue Service was called just after 4:30pm on Thursday 26 May.

The emergency call was placed by staff at Plemont Beach Cafe, who were told that a French couple had been washed into a cave with the tide coming in.

The lady had slipped on rocks and fallen into the sea, breaking her wrist and her husband jumped into the water to help her.

The pair were then washed into a nearby cave.

Emergency services were assisted by the Coastguard to rescue the pair, however they had to communicate with Guernsey Coastguard due to the poor signal.

Crew members entered the water and rescued the couple, bringing them to safety on the lifeboat.

The couple were treated by paramedics for exposure and shock.