Guernsey's waste charges to rise

Bin collectors in Guernsey
Credit: ITV Channel TV.

Guernsey's waste charges will be rising from July.

The cost of getting rid of a standard size bag of household waste will rise from £2.70 to £2.92 from 1 July.  

This is for a standard green pay as you throw sticker for bags that carry up to 90 litres.

An orange sticker is for a small bag of up to 50 litre and this will increase from 1 July, by 12p to £1.62. Guernsey Waste's annual charge for 2022 will rise from £90 in 2021 to £97.97 per household.  

The change means, excluding parish collection charges, households will pay about £170 this year for all their waste and recycling services.

It is a rise of roughly £13 compared to 2021.

The process covers the sorting, processing, export and treatment costs for general rubbish, food waste and recycling.  

It also helps fund the Household Waste & Recycling Centre, the Chouet green waste site, and the bring bank sites.