Jersey's Honorary Polish Consul celebrates 10 years in the role

  • Jessica Tidswell caught up with Magda Chmielewska as she marks 10 years in her role as Honorary Polish Consul in Jersey

The Honorary Polish Consul for Jersey is celebrating 10 years of service in the island.

Magda Chmielewska took up the role in 2012 and has been supporting the Polish community in Jersey ever since.

After a decade in the role, Magda told ITV News that the experiences have changed her, for the better.

She said: "The day to day work, it's something that shaped my personality - being able to help people, being able to guide and advise, it's incredible to have that position."

Magda has been the Polish Consul for the island since 2012. Credit: ITV Channel

During her time in the role she has helped support the Polish community in managing the impacts of Brexit, Covid and most recently the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Magda helped the Polish community in the early days of the pandemic, by arranging a flight for islanders, their families and visitors, to return to the continent amidst the first lockdown.

She said: "The biggest moment, there have been a couple, the first was when we had the Covid outbreak and the uncertainty, the fear was almost visible, everyone felt the same, and at that particular moment, I managed to organise a flight to Poland, those who were stranded, back home.

"The Polish Government did ask me if I would like to be placed on that plane and go back to Poland, and I said no, because what I'm here for is actually for the moments like this, to be able to help, to be able to liaise, to guide people through the process."

Magda told ITV News that one of the many reasons for her success in the role, is making sure local politicians cater to the community's needs.

"The approach I took to the role - I positioned myself as liaising between two governments, but directly working with ministers, so from day one I've had exposure to the ministers.

"We've had three changes of the government, we're just facing the fourth one and I think that direct dialect always helped - in terms of shaping the policies, in terms of being understood, it always helped."