Calls for more support for islanders as energy costs continue to climb

  • Video report by Iain McBride

There are new calls to help people across the Channel Islands as the cost of living continues to soar.

The UK Government announced earlier this week a £400 subsidy per home, to help electric costs.

Now, there are calls for Jersey and Guernsey's governments to follow suit.

However last month, Jersey's government rejected a similar plea for help, saying that any decision should wait until after the election. But the island's consumer council says that will be too late.

But waiting until then will be too late according to the island's Consumer Council.

Carl Walker, Chairman of Jersey's Consumer Council said: "We've been warned by industry leaders and the bosses at utility companies that we're heading for a very tough winter indeed.

"The time for action is now and the current government has passed that on to the next government after the election.

"That will mean any action would be September at the earliest, by then we'll already be heading into winter."

But even islanders who are not struggling with the rising costs say that more needs to be done to help others in the community.

"I think they should be helped because it is a big rise when you're on a pension or a low income. It's hard."

"Just because Jersey is assumed to be a wealthy place it doesn't mean everyone can afford the price hikes."

"It's not just people on low incomes. People working can't afford it - they need help as well."

Guernsey's electricity provider also want to raise prices by nine percent.

It says the increase needs to happen as for many years the previous regulator would not allow them to invest in its infrastructure.

Guernsey Electricity is now controlled by the States, where they plan to announce a decision on price increases later next week.