Jersey's wedding industry is bouncing back

Credit: ITV Channel

The number of people getting married in Jersey is rising for the first time since the pandemic.

Couples who tied the knot in 2021 nearly tripled compared to those in 2020.

In 2020, 184 people got married in Jersey.

This was the lowest number of marriages registered in the island since 1944.

But now that restrictions are easing and travel is returning to normal, many couples are flying into the island to tie the knot.

Jersey Heritage and Visit Jersey have reported high interest from UK couples in holding their weddings in Jersey.

Businesses have seen an influx of UK-based clients requiring their services to cater for part of their big day.

Samantha Boon, says she has been dealing with more UK clients than normal.

She said: "I think that because we have all got used to using zoom, distance is no longer a problem and people are more confident about making arrangements on the phone and seeing the platforms that are available to them now."

Samantha has seen several UK couples approach her for wedding cakes. Credit: ITV Channel

Some Jersey business owners are even taking on more clients, after dealing with the disruption themselves first hand.

Ffion Giulitti said: "There's been quite a big bounce back not just in terms of local couples, we've seen a big increase in couples coming from overseas from the UK.

"You just feel for them, I've been in and am still in that situation so it's like I just want to get them married and then we'll get to our wedding.

"Everyone's planned so long and had to put it off three, four or even five times and it's just like crazy, you never imagine when you're planning your day that you have to put it off so many times and now it's just - let have a big party, let's get it done."

Ffion is helping couples prepare for their weddings, whilst waiting for her own wedding herself. Credit: ITV Channel

Stephen Brandon and Stephanie McKeown are one couple who have travelled to Jersey from Ireland for their wedding.

The couple do not have ties to the island, but after working in Jersey for 12 months, Stephen knew the island was the perfect place to marry his bride.

Stephen and Stephanie are in Jersey for their wedding. Credit: ITV Channel

He said: "I used to work here and spent a year here and we just love the island and we decided to check it out for the wedding and we found Gorey Castle - it's so nice and sunny and with the beaches and such a unique venue."