In pictures: Channel Islanders celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Events are taking place across the Channel Islands to mark the Queen's 70-year reign. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Four days worth of events are taking place across the Channel Islands to mark the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

Queen Elizabeth II has sat on the throne for 70 years - making her the longest serving British Monarch in history.

The Bailiff of Jersey, Timothy Le Cocq, said: "I am delighted with the programme of local events we have scheduled, to complement those organised by the Royal Household.

"I hope they will allow islanders and visitors to enjoy as many activities as possible, this should be a memorable weekend for all who choose to take part."

Deputy Sue Aldwell, of Guernsey's Committee for Education, Sport & Culture, said: "We are excited for Guernsey to be part of and mirror some of the events happening across the country with our own unique island spin. "A Platinum Jubilee is a once in a lifetime occasion and we hope that islanders will join us in celebrating over the weekend as we mark this milestone."


Queen Elizabeth II knitted by Dawn Bisson, Jersey. Credit: Sarah Bisson
Buddy giving the Queen's corgis a run for their money with his Jubilee attire. Credit: Jenna Baker
Andrew Searle celebrating the Platinum Jubilee on his 40th birthday in Jersey! Credit: Angela Male
Rocky rocking the red, white and blue. Credit: Ta Rousseau
Even postboxes have been decorated to celebrate the Queen's 70-year reign. Credit: ITV Channel TV
This islander dressed up for the occasion as he attended a garden party hosted by Jersey's lieutenant governor. Credit: ITV Channel TV
Cuteness overload! 12-month-old (Queen) Ruby. Credit: Ella Picot
Houses have been decorated with flags and pictures celebrating Queen Elizabeth II. Credit: James Sinclair
Pupils from St Martins School celebrating 70 years of the Queen. Credit: St Martins School
Even postboxes are getting into the Jubilee spirit! This picture was taken outside the town church in Guernsey. Credit: Cubs 3rd Guernsey
When Baby, the seven-month Great Dane, met the Queen. Credit: Jane Le Claire
Islanders getting into the Jubilee spirit. Credit: Julie O'Byrne
Islanders in Jersey have gone all out with their celebrations. Credit: Trevor and Dawnie Purden
Lola, Ruby and Amber the Labradoodles donned their finest scarves for their Jubilee walk in Jersey. Credit: Claire Prince
Guernsey's Girlguides helped to light the island's beacon on Thursday evening. Credit: Guernsey Girlguides
One person has been getting super creative, making these special creations in Jersey. Credit: Anonymous
Sabu the Dashchund from Jersey knows how to rock Jubilee fashion. Credit: Elisabeth Bonnard

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