German mayor lays wreath in Jersey to remember islanders deported during WWII

The mayor of Bad Wurzach lays a wreath at Albert Pier. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The mayor of German town Bad Wurzach has flown over to Jersey to lay a wreath in memory of the islanders deported to an internment camp in the town during the Second World War.

More than 600 islanders were imprisoned in the camp between September 1942 and April 1945.

They had immediate family in the UK and were deemed a risk to the occupying forces in Jersey.

The memorial service at Albert Pier was attended by a small delegation who heard devastating accounts of those who were sent away.

Islanders shared their experiences of life in the camp to an audience which included the mayor of Bad Wurzach. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Frau Alexandra Scherer, Mayor of Bad Wurzach, said: "It was hard for the internees to spend three years of their lives away from their homes and it was a sad time for us too in Bad Wurzach.

  • Frau Alexandra Scherer, Mayor of Bad Wurzach

"But today we are very happy that we have friendship and that friendship has grown.

"We cannot take peace for granted and we have to work hard every day to make sure peace continues."

The camp was liberated by the French in 1945.

Lola Garvin was one of the youngest islanders to be deported. She told ITV Channel TV: "I grew up a toddler in the camp.

"It is so important to continue remembering and when I knew the mayoress wanted to come, I knew I had to organise this ceremony."

  • Camp survivor Lola Garvin speaks to ITV Channel TV