Islanders protest against introducing GST in Guernsey

  • Video report by ITV Channel's Serena Sandhu

People have gathered in Guernsey to protest against a potential Goods and Services Tax (GST).

The States are looking into how to tackle a predicted £85 million shortfall in their budget and some think a new 5% tax could help to soften the blow.

Protestors marched with placards to campaign against the potential introduction of GST. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Members of Alderney States have previously spoke out against the tax, saying it would be 'catastrophic' for the island.

GST was introduced in Jersey more than a decade ago, with politicians suggesting changes to the current system late last year.

Around 50 people turned out in Guernsey to campaign against the proposal and one politician has said that people power will lead to change.

Deputy Liam McKenna explained: "We will make sure it won't go through and people will say 'how can you guarantee it?'

"Believe it, it will be you who will guarantee it won't go through, it is the people power that will guarantee there will be no GST."

The tax review will be debated by Guernsey's politicians later this year and could see them decide on the future of tax in the island.