Guernsey welcomes 'living legend' Sugar Ray Leonard

  • Keilan Webster reports

Boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard has shared his affection Guernsey as he makes his first visit to the Bailiwick.

One of the sport's all-time greats, Leonard had a glittering career in which he was crowned world champion across five different weight categories.

Ahead of a charity event at the Duke of Richmond Hotel, Sugar dropped in to spend some time with the next generation of fighters - and the place certainly made an impression

"This is my first time in Guernsey, but I love it man. The people, the atmosphere, the ambience, it's beautiful. It's a wonderful place.

"I've been a fighter for 50 years. It's given me so much life, it's allowed me to help others in need, to help inspire kids... I love these kids and if you push them in the right direction, nine times out of ten they're going to be okay."

Among those who got to spend some time with the man himself was Guernsey's Billy Le Poulain who was put through his paces with some pad work by some boxing royalty.

He said: "We're so lucky to have a living legend come in. I was fortunate enough to get some pad stuff with him. Although there was a lot of noise he could give me a few key points, things that I can take on.

"It's amazing to be able to be a little sponge and soak up everything he's got and all the insights he's got."

Sugar Ray Leonard will be a special guest at a Q&A event, raising money for his own charitable foundation as well as Guernsey Mind.