Disability campaigners call for Guernsey to be made more accessible

  • Report by ITV Channel's Kate Prout

Disability campaigners in Guernsey say not enough is being done to make more buildings accessible for wheelchair users and those with mobility issues.

A large number of comments have been made on social media about some refurbishment works on the island not including ramps and accessible entrances for anyone with a disability.

Wheelchair user Angela Gaskill told ITV News: "A lot of places are still very difficult to manouevre around.

"Even some of the restaurants haven't got space because a lot of the tables we can't get under with the wheelchair.

"It is frustrating but then the island is not really wheelchair-friendly."

David Rowlinson from the Guernsey Disability Alliance said: "There are building regulations for new builds and reconstructions but things like refurbishments don't come under the law just yet.

"Part of the discrimination legislation will bring that in and within five years of implementing that legislation people will have to make their buildings accessible."

Changing the law in line with the UK would mean more businesses are forced to make adaptations.

There has however been plenty of praise for the re-opened La Vallette Bathing Pools where two long ramps were installed.

One leads up to the new café and the other stretches down to the Ladies Pool.