Jersey Election 2022: As it happened

Credit: ITV Channel TV

The votes have been counted and the politicians who will sit in Jersey's States Assembly over the next four years have been decided.

92 candidates stood for the 49 seats in the States Assembly, in the first election since wide-reaching reforms to the island's States Assembly.

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  • 4.00am - The night in summary

What a night in Jersey Politics.

The Chief Minister lost his seat along with almost a dozen other sitting members.

A good night for Kristina Moore and her bid to become Chief Minister.

Plus a fantastic night for Reform Jersey, who doubled their numbers in the States Assembly - thanks largely to a very strong showing in their St Helier heartland.

A disappointing show for the Alliance party with Philip Le Sueur picking up their only seat of the night. Their leader, who had been touted as a potential Chief Minister by the party, lost out in St Clement.

Not much better for the Jersey Liberal Conservatives and Progress Party. The JLC won two seats while Progress managed only one - their leader Steve Pallett unsuccessful in his bid to return to the States.

  • 2.52am - Kevin Lewis survives scare to beat None of the Above

Around 400 votes in it - but Kevin Lewis WILL be the new Constable of St Saviour, though the margin will be a lot tighter than he had hoped.

He won 1,552 votes with 1,136 parishioners backing None of the Above.

And that's it - all 49 new members of the States Assembly have been voted in. They'll take their oath at the Royal Court on Monday.

  • 2.30am - One more seat to go!

If you're still awake - there's just one more seat left to declare.

Kevin Lewis, a current Deputy for St Saviour and Jersey's current Infrastructure Minister, is standing for the role of Constable.

If elected, he'll take over from Sadie Le Sueur-Rennard who passed away in April.

He's standing against 'none of the above' - our reporter on the ground says it's not yet clear quite when we'll get a result.

  • 2.00am - Lindsay Ash 'honoured' to have represented St Clement

The incumbent Deputy of St Clement says it has not been a good night for parties - but has shared his thanks to those he worked with since his election in 2018.

  • 1.45am Marcus Troy returns as St Clement constable

Marcus Troy - who took up the post of Constable of St Clement following the death of Len Norman - has won a comprehensive victory to return to the role.

He beat None of the Above with 2,039 votes to 291.

  • 1.40am - Tom Binet tops poll in St Saviour

Tom Binet has topped the poll in St Saviour. He's followed by Malcolm Ferey of the Jersey Liberal Conservatives and Raluca Kovacs of Reform Jersey. Louise Doublet also returns to her seat in the States.

Philip Ozouf also makes a return to the Assembly, with 1,000 votes - but there is also the option of a recount for Suzanne Webb who was just 54 votes behind.

  • 1.35am - Simon Crowcroft returns to Constable of St Helier role

Simon Crowcroft will return to his role as Constable of St Helier.

He saw off a challenge from Mark William Le Chevalier.

  • 1.20am - Lyndon Farnham doesn't rule out Chief Minister bid

He narrowly retained a seat in his constituency - but Lyndon Farnham has not ruled out a bid for the top job in Jersey's government.

He says his popularity took a hit due to his involvement in the hospital project and his role in government during the pandemic - but that the next States needs to be more united.

  • 1.04am - St Brelade results confirmed

Progress leader Steve Pallett has lost his seat.

Independent candidates Helen Miles, Moz Scott and Jonathan Renouf will be new faces in the States while Monty Tadier of Reform Jersey will return.

Mike Jackson returns as Constable, with 2,333 votes to 882 for None of the Above.

  • 12.55am - Jersey Alliance leader Mark Boleat loses in St Clement

To cap off a difficult night for the Jersey Alliance, their leader Sir Mark Boleat has lost out.

His party colleague, incumbent Lindsay Ash, also misses out.

The youngest candidate at this election, Better Way candidate Alex Curtis, topped the poll and will take a seat in the States along with Barbara Ward, JLC leader Philip Bailhache and Karen Wilson.

  • 12:45am - Chief Minister John Le Fondre loses his seat

Senator John Le Fondre has been ousted.

His Alliance colleagues Hugh Raymond and Gregory Guida - also government ministers - are out.

Four independents - Kirsten Morel, Hilary Jeune, Elaine Millar and Andy Howell are elected.

A big, big result and a bad night for the Jersey Alliance.

  • 12.20am - Kristina Moore reaffirms Chief Minister ambitions

Three sitting Senators have returned to the States in the 'superconstituency' of St Mary, St Ouen and St Peter.

Kristina Moore tops the poll with 2,730 votes - at the Better Way celebration she told our reporter Phil Wellbrook she believes she has enough support to win the role of Chief Minister.

Her colleague, fellow independent Lucy Stephenson came second - followed by Ian Gorst and Lyndon Farnham, who gained a narrow 51 vote majority to secure fourth spot.

  • 12.00am - Taking stock...

It's midnight and we're almost half way through the Deputy races.

A good night for Reform Jersey so far - they've scooped 8 of the 9 seats they've stood up in St Helier.

The Alliance Party has won one seat so far - St Clement, where their leader Sir Mark Boleat is one of two candidates standing, has gone to a recount.

So far, the JLC/Progress coalition has picked up a single seat, with Steve Luce winning out in Grouville and St Martin.

In terms of Constables, we're still awaiting the results from St Saviour, St Brelade and St Clement and St Helier.

  • 11.59pm - Independents win out in St Helier North

In all the excitement, the results for St Helier North saw Steve Ahier, Inna Gardiner and Mary Le Hegarat return to the States.

Max Andrews will join them in the States. Trevor Pointon stood for Reform in a new constituency, making the move from St John - a gamble that has not paid off this time around.

Phil Romeril and Ted Vibert miss out for the Alliance, coming bottom of the poll.

  • 11.52pm - First seat for JLC/Progress coalition

Steve Luce gives the Jersey Liberal Conservative / Progress Party coalition their first confirmed win of the night. He'll return to the states alongside Rose Binet, Carolyn Labey.

Jersey Alliance miss out again - their candidate Philip Le Claire has come second bottom of the poll.

So far, Philip Le Sueur has been their only positive.

  • 11.43pm Clean sweep for Reform in St Helier Central

Another good result for Reform Jersey as they picked up all five seats in St Helier Central.

Carina Alves, Rob Ward and Geoff Southern will return to the States. They've also added Catherine Curtis and Lyndsay Feltham to their ranks.

  • 11:25pm - Recount in St Clement Deputy vote

It looks like a recount has been called in St Clement - a key race for the JLC and Alliance parties, where both their leaders are standing.

  • 11.15pm - Judy Martin and Russell Labey lose their seats in St Helier South

The first Constituency declared!

A clean sweep for Reform Jersey - their leader Sam Mézec and fellow candidates Tom Coles and Beatriz Porée have taken three of the four seats.

They're joined by David Warr, who is an independent affiliated with the Better Way movement.

Current Social Security minister Judy Martin, who's been in Jersey politics for more than two decades, lost her seat - as has Housing minister Russell Labey who championed the electoral reforms.

  • 11.12pm - Result for St Helier South expected imminently

Our reporter at St Helier Town Hall is expecting word of the result of St Helier South. Reform Jersey have targeted this constituency with their leader, Sam Mézec, among their three candidates.

  • 10.34pm - Constable of St Peter returned to role

An update from St Peter - the incumbent Constable of the Parish has retained his seat and will serve a second term in the role.

Richard Vibert won 1,150 votes. None of The Above won 278.

Just three parishes are yet to declare their results for Constable.

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Our late bulletin team are ready and raring to go!

Jonathan Wills has all the latest from Jersey's Election in just a few minutes. Join us then.

  • 10.15pm - David Johnson: Parishes must 'make themselves heard'

As Deputy of St Mary, David Johnson took a gamble standing for Constable - but he won a narrow race to take the seat.

He says he's 'relieved' to be returning to the States, but fears further reform to the electoral system could see the Constables ousted from the Assembly.

  • 10.12pm - None of the above

None of the above hasn't threatened any candidates yet - but it has taken some big vote shares in some parishes.

More than a quarter voted in favour of NOTA in Trinity where Philip Le Sueur retained his seat. In St Ouen, almost a third of those who cast a ballot voted for it.

Will we see None of the Above win a majority in any of tonight's remaining Constable races?

  • 10pm - St Mary, St Ouen and St Peter result expected after midnight

The latest from St Peter's Parish Hall.

  • 9.52pm - St Ouen Constable candidate sees off 'None of the Above'

A new Constable for St Ouen. Richard Honeycombe has taken the seat with 955. 443 votes went to None Of The Above.

The incumbent Richard Buchanan announced his plans to stand down at this election earlier in the year.

  • 9.50pm - Mark Labey takes narrow win for Grouville Constable seat

It will be another father of the Parish in Grouville - but it's a tight one!

Despite Sarah Howard winning 903 votes, Mark Labey takes the seat with 975 votes. He'll replace John Le Maistre who stood down at this election.

Fine margins!

  • 9.46pm - Deirdre Mezbourian sees off challenge in St Lawrence Constable race

Another incumbent Constable returning to the States.

Deirdre Mezbourian, who chairs the Committee de Connetables will return as the Constable of St Lawrence. She won 934, seeing off a challenge from Emily Joseph who won 633.

  • 9.40pm - Counting well underway in St Saviour

Our reporter Katya Fowler is in St Saviour - where 12 candidates are standing for the five Deputy seats.

Current Deputy Kevin Lewis is the only candidate standing for the role of Constable. He's also served as the island's Infrastructure Minister during the last political term.

  • 9.22pm - St Saviour candidate Kevin Pamplin announces absence

News from St Saviour where candidate Kevin Pamplin will be absent this evening, after a member of his family tested positive for Covid-19.

He's begun self-isolation and won't be around for the count tonight.

  • 9.18pm - Incumbent St Mary Deputy wins Constable seat

In a two-horse race in St Mary, David Johnson won the Constable seat with 400 votes. It's a narrow win - he beat Mike Fennell, who took 317 votes.

Meanwhile in St Martin, Karen Shenton-Stone retained her seat with 1,119 votes with 62 people voting for 'None of the Above'.

  • 9.13pm - Andy Jehan wins Constable seat in St John

The floodgates have opened! Confirmation in St John that the incumbent Constable, Andy Jehan has defended his seat.

He won 1,080 votes compared to None of the Above, which won 44 votes.

Andy Jehan originally won the seat in a by-election in 2021, following the resignation of Chris Taylor.

  • 9.10pm - Philip Le Sueur returned as Constable of Trinity

We have our first result of the night. Philip Le Sueur of the Alliance Party has held on to his seat as Constable of Trinity.

He won 736 votes, beating 'None of the Above' which won 295. He's the first Constable to be elected under a party banner.

Meanwhile, counting is getting underway at locations across the island. Alex Spiceley is in Trinity for us.

  • 8.20pm - How will the reforms hold up?

Tonight will be the first real test of the wholesale reforms made to Jersey's electoral system.

The scrapping of the island-wide vote has proven unpopular with many voters and there have already been calls for the system to be changed again ahead of the next election in 2026.

Plus there's been the introduction of 'None of the Above' - which could see by-elections triggered if it wins more votes than the only candidates standing in 8 of the Constable races.

It's hoped that we'll see turnout improve this year and while voter registration is down, we'll have to wait and see whether more people have been engaged in island politics this time around.

Our reporter Hamish Auskerry is on the ground in St Peter.

  • 8.00pm - POLLS CLOSED

There we have it - after weeks of campaigning, the clock has struck 8 and polls have now closed.

The candidates have done all they can to win islanders' votes. Counting will now get underway and the results will trickle in throughout the evening.


There's less than an hour to go until polls close at Jersey's Election. Polls have been open since 8am and will close at 8pm.

If you're queuing at a polling station once polls close, you are still entitled to cast a ballot.

All the details you need to cast your vote are here.

You can also find out the location of your polling station and who's standing by inputting your postcode on's handy tool.

It's not just been voters heading to the polling stations. Islanders have been using the hashtag #DogsAtPollingStations to share pictures of their four-legged friends.