More than a third of islanders in Guernsey faced high stress in the last 12 months

The data released is part of HSC's Primary Care Survey. Credit: ITV Channel

More than a third of people in Guernsey and Alderney have experienced high stress in the last 12 months. The figures are part of the Bailiwick's Primary Care Survey, which took place in March and April 2022.

The survey asked islanders their thoughts and experiences of healthcare and GP services in the islands.

The Primary Care Survey was commissioned as part of an ongoing review by the States of Guernsey into the funding and delivery model for primary care in the Bailiwick.

It asked islanders to report on their own health, as well as their views on how well GP services meet their needs.

The survey also asked about how they should pay for them.

Key figures highlighted in the report included: