Two incumbents ousted in St Helier South

Reform candidates Sam Mézec, Tom Coles and Beatriz Porée have taken three seats. They're joined by David Warr, who is an independent affiliated with the Better Way movement. Credit: ITV Channel TV

There has been a shakeup in St Helier where two current Ministers have lost their seats.

Social Security Minister Deputy Judy Martin and Housing Minister Russell Labey both suffered defeats in St Helier South.

Reform Jersey completed a clean sweep in the constituency, with all three of its candidates - including leader Sam Mézec - being returned. Voter turnout was 34.61%.

They will be joined by David Warr, an independent affiliated with Better Way.

The results are as follows:

  • Tom Coles, Reform Jersey: 713

  • Chris Hopkins, Independent: 247

  • Angela Jeune, Jersey Liberal Conservatives: 277

  • Russell Labey, Independent: 591

  • Nick Le Cornu, Independent: 418

  • Jo Luce, Alliance: 220

  • Judy Martin, Independent: 496

  • Bernie Manning, Independent: 276

  • Sam Mézec, Independent: Reform Jersey: 995

  • Beatriz Porée, Reform Jersey: 679

  • David Warr, Independent: 616

Russell Labey was the main proponents of the reforms.