Jersey Election: Youngest candidate tops polls in St Clement

Alex Curtis ranked top in St Clement. Credit:

Alex Curtis has topped the polls in St Clement's Deputy election.

He was the youngest candidate standing in this year's election. He stood as an independent affiliated with the Better Way grouping.

He ranked top amongst the six other candidates with 1,485 votes.

There was also shock in the parish as Jersey Alliance leader, Sir Mark Boleat failing to gain a seat and current Deputy, Lyndsay Ash, also losing his seat.

Full results for St Clement were:

  • Alex Curtis 1485 votes

  • Barbara Ward 1415 votes

  • Sir Philip Bailhache 1251 votes

  • Karen Wilson 979 votes

  • Ken Addison 929 votes

  • Lindsay Ash 779 votes

  • Sir Mark Boleat 721 votes