Kristina Moore says she has enough support to be Jersey's next Chief Minister

The Deputy-Elect topped the poles in her constituency, taking 2,730 votes. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Kristina Moore says she has enough support to become Jersey's first female Chief Minister.

She said she was "delighted" at being voted in as a Deputy for St Mary, St Ouen and St Peter where she topped the polls in her constituency, taking 2,730 votes.

Speaking to ITV News she said:

"I've declared that it would be my intention if re-elected to put myself forward for Chief Minister. I think looking at some of the people who've been elected tonight. I will be able to collect enough signatures to fill out my paper and I'll be putting it in on Monday."

She outlined how she believed that party politics are not the right way forward, saying independent candidates can deliver for Jersey. 

The former Senator said she believed she was voted in as islanders want to be listen to:

"People wanted change, they want to see people who are going to be compassionate, who are going to listen to them and actually deal with the realities of life that people are facing" she says.

"The cost of living, the housing crisis and getting Jersey back on track - we need some more fiscal responsibility and we need to restore an accountable government for the island and people who genuinely want to serve and bring the community back together."

It comes as Jersey's incumbent Chief Minister John Le Fondre has lost his seat.